welcome to petrohouse

petrohouse is a leading provider of Asset Integrity Management solutions, specializing in Plant & Pipeline Integrity, Advanced NDT and Quality Assurance. Through our network of offices located in key global production centres, we are able to offer our clients in the oil, gas, petrochemical and manufacturing industries unparalleled service, ensuring their assets function safely and effectively.

Engineering and design

petrohouse adopt an integrity system combining between technical support system and engineering system to cover any requirement for petroleum and energy markets.



petrohouse  with petrohouse philosophy as an EPC corporation the procurement is a major task with range percent (25 to 35) % of any project.


The business segment of Construction and Erection consists of seventh construction branches, and mainly carries out the construction and erection of oil and gas field surface production facilities, of refineries, of petrochemical plants, of oil and gas stations and depots and of oil and gas pipelines.