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Rig Surveys


Rig Surveys

Throughout the operating life of a drilling rig, components can fatigue and systems fail, leading to dangerous conditions for personnel and the environment.

petrohouse is able to offer a comprehensive rig survey (onshore or offshore) to provide clients the reassurance of a fully functioning and safe drilling rig. Our rig inspection services cover all stages of a rig's life, from construction thought to commissioning and operations.

The exact scope of our rig surveys is dependent on client specifications, however a typical survey package may include:

    Derrick Inspection (API 4F)
    Dropped Object Survey,
    Special Periodic Survey (ABS)
    Hull Thickness Survey (ABS)
    Lifting Equipment Survey (LOLER)
    Alignment Survey
    Safety & Emergency Systems Assessment
    Control Systems Assessment

Throughout the process, our inspectors review and ensure conformity to relevant codes, manufacturer's recommendations and legislation.

Our final reports provides a detailed breakdown of a rig's condition, which includes highlighting high-risk areas of concern where immediate maintenance is required.


Should you require further information regarding our rig survey services, please contact petrohouse by emailing