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Rope Access Inspection


Rope Access Inspection

Due to the complex design of plants and inaccessible nature of offshore rigs and platforms, inspections are often required in areas where access is limited or non-existent without costly scaffolding or cranes.

petrohouse has a team of IRATA qualified and experienced rope access technicians who, using techniques developed for climbing and caving, are able to carry out inspections safely at height or in difficult to access locations.

As part of our service, we provide a detailed risk assessment and method statement for each job, allowing us to carry out the work safely, quickly and effectively, minimizing client's project costs.
Using rope access has a number of benefits over scaffolding or cranes, including:

    Rope access is adaptable to almost any situation onshore and offshore,
    Rope access is relatively fast to set up and dismantle, thus increasing the inspection time window,
    When compared to scaffolding, rope access can offer significant savings to clients,
    Using technicians trained in both inspection and rope access provided clients with a single point of contact,

petrohouse provides continual training to our rope access personnel, in line with IRATA guidelines.

Should you require further information regarding our rope access inspection services, please contact
petrohouse by emailing reda@petrohouse-eg.com