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Subsea Integrity


 Subsea Integrity Services

Offshore pipelines and structure operate in extreme environmental conditions that can lead to mechanical failure if not adequately maintained.

petrohouse provides clients with a number of sub sea inspection services appropriate for offshore activities including:

    Close visual inspection,
    Video & photographic surveys,
    Ultrasonic wall thickness measurements,
    Ultrasonic flaw detection,
    Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM)
    Flooded Member Detection System
    Magnetic particle testing
    Eddy current Testing,
    CP survey,
    Maintenance & repair
    Hull cleaning
    Welding – anode replacement, hull, braces and column repairs,
    Air diving,
    Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Survey.

We own and operate diving equipment and specialized NDT inspection technologies, all of which conform to IMCA guidelines.

Our ROV survey teams, deploying our NAVAJO ROV or See Eye Falcon ROV, are able to carry out inspection in coastal waters as well as deep sea (up to 300 metres).

Equipment currently in use:

    Sea Eye Falcon ROV,
    ASAMS MPI System,
    RSL Flaw Detector,
    Cygnus 1 Thickness Gauge,
    Buckleys Bathy Corometer,
    ACFM U31D,
    60" Twin Lock DDC,
    10' Machinery Container (inc 2x20 CFM HP Compressors),
    IMCA Compliant Launch and Recovery System,
    Kongsberg Video System,
    Amron / Hytech Communicators,
    KMBBandMask 18, KMB Helmet 37,

Should you require further information regarding our subsea inspection services, please contact petrohouseby emailingreda@petrohouse-eg.com