For a client to be confident that a product they are purchasing or using (e.g. a valve, pipe, vessel etc.) meets not only their original expectations, but also any legislative obligations, an effective quality assurance and control program should be implemented that can monitor the quality of the product throughout it lifetime.
Petrohouse-eg offers a comprehensive range of QA / QC services to provide our clients with that piece of mind and confidence that a product meets and in most cases exceeds their requirements, whilst performing as per the manufacturers specifications, and conforming to the statutory laws and guidelines.
We possess a highly qualified & certified team of QA/QC specialists (Civil, Coating, Mechanical, E & I) who are seconded to manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.
  • General QA / QC Services
    petrohouseis  able  to  establish  QA  Plans  and  Proceduresthatset  the  performance standards;  methods  for measuring,  evaluating,  auditing  & reporting  performance;  as  well  as procedures for handling situations when performance deviates from the standard. 
  • Third Party Vendor Inspection 
    petrohouseis International provides an extensive range of third party vendor inspection related services to engineering & procurement clients on a global basis - supplier assessments, inspection, expediting, projecVpersonnel outsourcing, destructive & non-destructive testing and coordination. This helps clients to reduce costs, whilst adhering to technical & commercial requirements. Furthermore the service controls the quality of workmanship from manufacturer as well as ensuring conformity to purchase specifications.
  • Total Quality Management (TQM) 
    petrohouse is able to offer a comprehensive TQM package to ensure quality is controlled through the life of a project, from raw material, through milling, shop fabrication, site construction to start up and commissioning.

    Should  you  require  further  information  regarding  our  QA/  QC services,  please  contact  petrohouseby emailing reda@petrohouse-eg.com or  contact  your  local  office  who  will be  happy  to answer any queries