Within any operational setting, not all components or parts have an equal likelihood of failure, nor are theconsequences the same should failure occur. In order to save time and money, whilst still maintaining optimal levels of safety, it is extremely useful for an operator to know which locations within a system are of greater concern than others.

Petrohouse-eg is able to undertake a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) that takes into account both likelihood of failure and consequences of failure, to allow clients to make more informed decisions regarding inspection schedules and maintenance budgeting, allowing resources to be allocated appropriately to ensure reliability and integrity. 

An effective RBI program will highlight those high-risk areas that should come high in the maintenance schedule, whilst identifying those of low risk that can be placed further down the schedule.

Our RBI Inspectors review all relevant data pertaining to the system including maintenance history and industry guidelines as part of a comprehensive risk assessment and assign ratings to all parts of the system, from which the client can then prioritise inspection and maintenance programs.

Should you require further information regarding our RBI services, please contact petrohouse by
emailing reda@petrohouse-eg.com, or contact your local office who will be happy to answer any queries