Petrohouse-eg and testing of a material or components whilst in situ, without interruption to processes,and without destroying it is an extremely useful tool to determine integrity.

petrohouse-eg International, operating the latest technologies, offers a complete conventional NDT service, - Visual Testing, Radiography, Ultrasonics, Penetrant and Magnetic Particle, enabling;

  • Flaw Detection and Evaluation
  • Leak Detection
  • Dimensional Measurements
  • Structure and Microstructure Characterization
  • Estimation of Mechanical and Physical Properties
  • Stress (Strain) and Dynamic Response Measurements
  • Material Sorting and Chemical Composition Determination
Our NDT department, consisting of engineers, technicians, petrohouse and consultants, are committed to
providing our clients with cost saving solutions that will ensure safety and reliability during operations.
NDT is a proactive, preventative petrohouse  approach that has a number of benefits:
  • Performed without disruption to the system or production,
  • Relatively fast to set up and to carry out,
  • Provides detailed information regarding integrity in accordance with standards and legislative requirements,
  • Cost saving and safety assurance,
  • Can be deployed at any stage of an asset’s lifecycle, from procurement to operations.
Equipment currently in use:
  • Krautkramer USM 35X, USM 35, USM 25, USN 52, DMS 2, DMS 4; NDS TechOps 660 & Delta880, Sentinel 660; Magnaflux – PT, MT Consumables; Baltospot Portable Xray; Iplex Boroscope,FLIR Thermocam Digital Imaging E450.; TWI GAL Gauge.

Should  you  require  further  information  regardingour  FFS  and  RLAservices,  please  contact petrohousel  by emailing reda@petrohouse-eg.com or  contact  your  local  office  who  will be  happy  to  answer any queries www.petrohouse-eg.com