Inspecta International uses the Floormap VS2i, a computerised magnetic flux leakage system designed to detect, size and map underfloor corrosion on above ground storage tanks. 

Key features include:

  • High grade magnets to improve corrosion detection,
  • Accuracy to within 3mm on 8 metre length,
  • Maximum thickness of 12 – 20 mm (depending on mode)
  • Combined defect profiling & amplitude analysis.
  • Real time data acquisition,
  • Automatic CAD Drawing
  • Ability to add data from VT, UT, MT, Vac box.


  1. Powerful magnets are used to generate magnetic fields in the test material.
  2. Where there is a discontinuity, the field “leaks” from the plate, and is detected by a sensor in between the poles.
  3. The leaks are then used to characterize any defects.
  4. The motorized Floormap VS2i moves along the surface at 0.5m/sec creating a corrosion map.


  • Colour coded CAD drawing of tank floor and individual plates.
  • All data >20% loss of nominal is re-analysed to identify the defect.
  • Additional NDT data added to create a comprehensive map (including annular plates).
  • Subsequent data can be overlaid to identify corrosion growth.
  • Statistics created for entire tank or individual plates.
  • Patch plate design tool produces a repairs list of material and amounts.

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