Lifting  equipment  is  subject  to  high  static  loading  and  an  unpredictable  set  of  dynamic  conditions that can lead to mechanical failure. Periodic inspection is therefore necessary to optimise safety and ensure the
equipment is working correctly and efficiently.

petrohouse  offers  inspection  services  for  the  full  range  of  lifting  equipment  including  cranes, goods  lifts, platforms,slings  etc,  and  in  line  with  the Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) framework, our inspectors are able to carry out inspections to determine that:

  • The equipment is installed correctly and safe to operate,
  • The equipment is a good state of repair,
  • Any deterioration is identified and rectified in a timely manner.

As part of our inspection service, we undertake:

  • ITP review,
  • Visual & dimensional checks,
  • Roof clearance test,
  • Pendent length check,
  • Stability test,
  • Insulation test,
  • Light run test,
  • SWL test,
  • Overload test,

Should you require further information regarding our Pipeline Integrity services, please contact petrohousepetrohouse-eg by emailing reda@petrohouse-eg.com, or contact your local office who will be happy to answer any queries www.petrohouse-eg.com.