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Tubular Inspection


Tubular Inspection

Effective maintenance of drill pipe and associated hardware ensures the continued and safe operation of a drilling rig.
An appropriate tubular inspection program helps identify integrity issues before they reach criticality, preventing costly repairs and / or damage to personnel and the environment.

petrohouse offers a comprehensive tubular inspection service, covering all new and used items, including; Drill pipe, tubing, casing, sucker rods, coiled tubing, drill collars, bottom hole assembly, cross over subs, reamers etc…
A typical inspection program would involve one or more of the following:

    Visual inspection of body & threads,
    UT wall thickness measurements & dimensional inspection,
    MPI to identify cracks & other defects,
    Hardness testing,
    Internal inspection of upsets – MPI,
    Tool joint inspections – VT & dimensional,
    Drifting assessment.


All inspections are carried out in accordance with client requirements and per the specified standard (API, DS1 etc).

Should you require further information regarding our Tubular Inspection services, please contact petrohouseby emailing reda@petrohouse-eg.com